Aeronautical Information

Aeronautical information is a set of data and information required for flight planning and operating.

Aeronautical Information Publication Group is responsible for assembling aeronautical information, its processing, formatting, publishing and disseminating.

The main aeronautical information publication is Estonian Aeronautical Information Publication – AIP, which is continuously updated. AIP is available only electronically in HTML and PDF format. The AIP in electronic format (eAIP) is published on the Internet and is available at and

EANS Flight Procedure Design and Charting Group is responsible for the preparation and design of aeronautical charts and flight procedures in Estonian airspace.

  • Flight procedure design assures a safe and obstacle free path for pilots flying near aerodromes in bad weather conditions. Additionally, procedure designers prepare aeronautical expert assessment for planned construction works, providing an assessment, whether the planned buildings will impact current flight procedures.
  • Aeronautical charts include both aerodrome charts and airspace charts (e.g. various restriction areas, where flying is temporarily forbidden or allowed under special conditions). Additionally, the Flight Procedure Design and Charting Group issues a VFR chart in cooperation with the CAA and manages the aerodrome and airspace data and high obstacle databases.

International NOTAM Office (NOF), Air Traffic Services Reporting Office or ATS Reporting Office (ARO) and Pre-flight Information Service (BOF) are grouped together under the Integrated Briefing Office.

  • NOF is responsible for the publication and distribution of aeronautical information necessary for planning and operating flights (NOTAM, SNOWTAM).
  • ARO is responsible for the provision of services associated with the submission of flight plans and the distribution and reception of messages of air traffic services.
  • BOF is responsible for the preparation and distribution of the Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) based on the requirements of the aircraft crew or the representatives of operators, in accordance with the track data in the flight plan.

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