Work with us

We in EANS are entrepreneurial. Our team has the best specialists in the area. We combine the skills and knowledges of knowledgeable and experienced people because real powerfulness is based on joint efforts.


We improve ourselves and aviation

EANS specialists are motivated to learn at both professional and personal levels. Being aware of the developments in the aviation sector and its specific nature, jointly we can advance the Company and therefore, aviation as a whole at both national and international levels. Furthermore, when improving at personal level, we evolve as human beings and become more aware of our motivators as well as negative and positive influencers - this knowledge is also used by EANS specialists in their professional development. In their challenges EANS employees see possibilities, not obstructions, and together, they can figure out how to support the Company and thereby aviation development.


We achieve goals through cooperation

Each employee, with his/her knowledge and skills, is a very important part of EANS, both at individual and team level. Aviation sector continuously brings challenges and opportunities and is reasonable to cope with them together, because most efficient solutions are born within cooperation, where every person knows and understands his/her role, offering support to others through sharing his/her knowledge. The people working for EANS value cooperation, easily share the information required for achieving strategic goals, appreciate their colleagues’ and their own time resources and contributions

Honesty and openness

We are honest and open both in expressing our views and in actions

Our actions are transparent and open, we continuously share information. It is no less important to be honest to colleagues and cooperation partners, to adhere to agreed times and promises, to express our opinions, bearing in mind the well-being of the Company and its employees.

Healthy mind and body

We have a gym for employees and we also support employees' sports activities through Stebby. In addition, we support strengthening of mental health by paying for the psychologist's visits in part or in full.

Longer annual leave

Our annual leave is also 7 days longer than usual.

Third pension pillar

We are also looking to the future and supporting workers' pensions by making an additional contribution to the third pension pillar. The employer calculates and adds to the third pillar fund chosen by the employee an amount equivalent to the employee's contribution.

Trainings and development

Through training, we develop aviation in Estonia as well as support the personal development of our employees. Training is a necessary part of raising awareness and motivation of employees.

Become an air traffic controller!

Find out more about air traffic control and their daily routine.

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Come for on-the-job training

Students specialising in aviation and students with technical background are awaited to EANS for on-the-job training.

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