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+372 671 0250
eans [at]
Kanali põik 3, Rae küla, Rae vald Harjumaa 75310

Media contacts

 Lotte-Triin Narusk

Lotte-Triin Narusk
Communication Manager
lotte-triin.narusk [at]

+372 522 2197



Karina Einaste
Head of Office

+372 6710 251


raamatupidaja [at]

arve [at]

Air navigation services invoices
invoice [at]

We accept e-invoices via FinBite OÜ.

UTM contacts


utm [at]

General Information

  • Legal status: Public limited company
  • Business name: Lennuliiklusteeninduse Aktsiaselts; Estonian Air Navigation Services
  • Share holder: Republic of Estonia (100%)
  • Stock administrator: Ministry of Climate
  • Postal address: Kanali põik 3, Rae küla, Rae vald Harjumaa 75310
  • Commercial Register Code: 10341618
  • KMKR code: EE100339639
  • Bank account:
  • Swedbank: EE112200221010801191
  • SEB: EE231010220004322224
  • Nordea: EE421700017000221351
  • Financial year: 1 January - 31 December
  • Main activity: Provision of air navigation services in Tallinn Flight Information Region
  • Auditor: AS PricewaterhouseCoopers (2018)

    Estonian Air Navigation Services does not belong to any group and does not have any subsidiaries nor associates. From 2005 the financial reports of Estonian Air Navigation Services are presented to Estonian Ministry of Finance which enables the consolidation of the financial data of the company into the Financial Statements of the Estonian Republic as the consolidating unit.

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