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Remote tower air traffic services opens many new opportunities for Estonian air traffic controllers both at home and abroad

12. May 2022
Today, Estonian Air Navigation Services introduced its first ever remote air traffic control tower. This new tower is an innovative technological solution developed in Estonia to coordinate Estonian regional airports’ flights from a remote center located in Tallinn. The live video stream of Kuressaare Airport can already be seen from afar, but Tartu is going to be the first regional airport to be remotely controlled from Tallinn. The deployment in Tartu will be followed by Kuressaare, Pärnu and Kärdla airports.

Cybernetica sells its air traffic management remote tower technology to Adacel

24. Feb 2022
In a strategic step to consolidate the company’s activities towards its main offerings of e-governance technologies, secure software and product development, and cybersecurity services, Cybernetica is selling its digital air traffic management tower to Adacel, a global leader in air traffic management and air traffic simulation and training solutions.