Estonian Air Navigation Services new Management Board commences work

Posted on 09. Jun 2020
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Today, October 1, is the first working day for the newly elected Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS) three membered Management Board. The Chairman of Management Board is Ivar Värk, the CNS/ATM is headed by Jaanus Jakimenko, and Üllar Salumäe continues to run Air Traffic Management.

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From left: Ivar Värk, Üllar Salumäe, Jaanus Jakimenko

Ivar Värk confirmed that as Chairman of Management Board and CEO he is going to continue the on-going projects so that Estonian air traffic could keep abreast with the fast developments in aviation and become a leading air navigation service provider.

“EANS experts are continuously enhancing its services through different development projects in order to cope with forecasted growth of air traffic and to continuously ensure safe and efficient flow of traffic in Estonian airspace,” stated Chairman Värk, giving the Finnish-Estonian cross-border project FINEST as an example. The goal of FINEST project is to ensure flexible, cost-efficient and competitive air navigation services across the border to all airspace users. In simple terms it means that the air traffic controllers of Finland and Estonia will control flights together in both airspaces. At the same time, it enables to service more flights in the airspace. There are no other two ANS providers in Europe who seek to cooperate across their borders in such a dynamic way,” said Chairman Värk.

Another significant area of activity drawn by Chairman Värk was contribution into the advancement of unmanned aviation. “In addition to conventional aircraft, like aeroplanes and helicopters, there are other users of the airspace - unmanned aerial vehicles, i.e. drones. In order to ensure safe drone operation within Estonian airspace, we shall prepare a realistic action plan for the management of drone traffic and development of technical solutions required for it. In this area of activity close cooperation is necessary with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications,” said the new Chairman of Management Board. According to Chairman Värk, along with the evolution of conventional and unmanned aviation aeronautical information the fast exchange of the information concerning restrictions is also of high importance. “Behind the exchange of accurate and timely aeronautical information there is again the safety assurance and prevention of accidents,” dwelt Mr. Värk.
Together with the development activities Chairman Värk highlighted the contribution into human resources. All EANS employees are experts within their specific area of activities - without them we would not be able to provide quality and safe air navigation services,” he said. The Company participates in family- and employee-friendly programme, the employees have a lot of possibilities for personal development and healthy lifestyle, they are supported with their third pillar of the pension scheme payments.

Ivar Värk has served at several positions in Estonian Defence Forces, in UK Army Air Corps, 2IC of 672 Sqn, and has participated in different military operations in Europe, Middle East and USA. His previous position was the Head of Estonian Police and Border Guard Board Aviation services.

Jaanus Jakimenko was the rector at Estonian Aviation Academy for five years, and before it - the Quality Manager at Magnetic MRO. Üllar Salumäe will continue heading the air traffic services in the Management Board as he has been since 2015.

The new Management Board will hold office for five years.

Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS (EANS) is a company under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia; its primary area of activity is the provision of air traffic services to local and international flights in Estonian airspace. The Republic of Estonia is the sole owner of the company shares.