The package of air navigation services provided by EANS covers three different realms:
• air traffic control – air traffic management and air traffic services;
• aeronautical information – aeronautical information management services (including preparation of aeronautical information, its publishing and distribution);
• technical support – CNS/ATM services (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and ATM data processing systems).

The primary activity of EANS is air traffic management in Estonian airspace, Tallinn Flight Information Region (FIR). We provide services to overflights and local traffic to/from the airports of Tallinn and Tartu.
Our task is to create such an environment that would be the basis for the progress of local and international air traffic in cooperation with the Regulator and the National Supervisory Authority (NSA).
In close cooperation with airlines and airports, we are working on the creation of a favourable and safe environment for airspace users, tailoring our services to their expectations and the requirements of the current situation. We also take into account the needs and expectations of other partners – Air Navigation Service Providers in the neighbouring states and North European cooperation. At the institutional level we cooperate efficiently with Estonian aviation structures, including Estonian Air Force. We participate in many different consultancy and training projects.