Outsourced training

As a rule, the professional training of air traffic controllers is provided by Estonian Aviation Academy ( The refresher training of instructors (training instructors for EANS internal purposes) is organised on regular basis both in Estonia and abroad.

Internal training process

The process of EANS internal training and refresher courses is on-going. There are over ten air traffic controllers who have passed respective instructor training and have competence to provide both professional theoretical and practical training on ATC simulator and  on the job. Beginning from 1994 our air traffic controllers-instructors take place in the ATS Basic training at the Estonian Aviation Academy as tutors.

The training areas within EANS are as follows:

  • procedures;
  • radar control;
  • on-the-job training;
  • The basics of radio communication, rules of the air etc.

Our customers are:

  • Air Force specialists;
  • specialists from local aerodromes;
  • Estonian Aviation Academy;
  • training provided to ANS Providers in the Russian Federation and Caucasian states within international consultancy projects.

Contact: EANS ATS Department +372 6 258 251


No training institutions provide specific training for AIS specialists. Therefore, one of the important activities of the AIS Department is training provided to new employees, rating training and training ordered from outside of the Company.


The employees of the CNS/ATM Department have different education background, including Estonian Aviation Academy. Refresher Courses and ordered training