Pre-flight preparation

Different possibilities for the pre-flight preparation or briefing purposes are established both at the Passenger Terminal and on-line.

  • Self-Briefing is located in the buildings of Tallinn and Tartu Airport Passenger Terminals – they are marked with a black letter „C“ against yellow background. These locations allow a convenient option for flight crews to prepare themselves for their flights by finding important materials on the Internet and on the self-briefing web page, which provides access to the materials that are not available on-line (e.g. electronic Aeronautical Information Publications and Flight Plan forms, meteorological information and bulletins).
  • Internet Self-Briefing (ISB) is a service established by EANS for rendering aeronautical information services in the Internet environment. ISB is a free service requiring registration on aeronautical Information home page Registered users receive an individual user name and a password. ISB enables users to:
  • file and change flight plans;
  • receive pre-flight information: NOTAM bulletins in effect and meteorological information;
  • receive information concerning the main data about the airspace, like e.g. airways, aerodromes, navigation aids, restricted areas, routes, runways and way-points.