Aeronautical information

Aeronautical information is a set of data and information required for flight planning and operating.

Aeronautical information services are provided for airmen in planning and execution of international and local commercial and private flights in the airspace of Estonia as well as at its aerodromes.

AIS Department and its AIP group are responsible for assembling aeronautical information, its processing, formatting, publishing and disseminating. The main aeronautical publication is continuously updated Estonian Aeronautical Information Publication – AIP. AIP is available only in HTML and PDF format. Electronic AIP (eAIP) is issued on DVD-ROM and on the internet. It is possible to purchase our eAIP Package as an amendment service for the calendar year

International aeronautical information exchange is done by   (International NOTAM Office/NOF – it is a division of Aeronautical Information Services Department). The information required for flight planning is available from the Briefing Office,  or Briefing(BOF), which is combined with the NOTAM Office. ARO (Air Traffic Services Reporting Office) is part of the NOTAM Office; it is responsible for receiving, checking and distributing flight plans.  This service can be received on the phone, by fax, e-mail or AFS.

Customer services are provided on the phone, by e-mail or via Self-Briefing option.

EANS AIS Department and its Aeronautical Charts Group are responsible for the preparation and design of aeronautical charts and flight procedures for Estonian airspace as well as for the provision of aeronautical expert assessment. The majority of the charts prepared are charts for AIP and printed or digital charts for visual navigation

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