Technical development strategy

In the beginning of the 90-s the rapid growth of air traffic proved the inability of the existing Soviet-made technical facilities to ensure flight safety. This fact was also stated by ICAO experts in their assessment report.

In order to replace entire equipment within 10 years it was decided to modernise the infrastructure in the following prioritised steps:

1)    installation of the missing navigation aids

2)    replacement of the existing facilities by new:

  • Secondary radars
  • Radio transmitters and receivers.

3)    upgrade of systems or installation of new ones:

  • Tallinn Air Traffic Control Centre Improvement – TATCI
  • Pre-flight data processing system – AMIE.
  • Tallinn tower electronic flight strip system
  • eAIP

Later on the development strategy was added by two more stages.

4)    establishment of aeronautical data exchange network in cooperation with our neighbours

5)    implementation of CNS/ATM applications.

Cooperation with neighbours has always been one of the cornerstones of the EANS technical development strategy. Joining NEAP cooperation in the middle of the decade brought a new ranking scale to the CNS/ATM field. According to the harmonised plans some new technical support developments are foreseen within the NEAP cooperation.