Tallinn Tower modernisation

In 2007-2011 Estonian ANS conducted Tallinn Tower Modernisation Project on the upgrade of the Tower operational equipment; its objective was Tower (as well as Tallinn aerodrome) capacity enhancement and significant improvement of the service quality.  This objective could be achieved through upgrade of the ATM System and systems supporting it, implementation of automatic data exchange between Tallinn Airport, Approach Unit (APP) unit and other cooperation partners as well as modernisation of TWR working positions and update of operational procedures and tools.


The project covered:

  • TWR/APP traffic coordination system;
  • EFSS – Diflis – Electronic Flight Progress Strip System;
  • Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System – A-SMGCS (SMR + MLAT) Level II;
  • Design and Installation of new ergonomic ATCO working positions/consoles;
  • Update of working methods and cooperation procedures between Tallinn Airport and Estonian ANS;
  • Staff training.


Project phases:

Phase I – 2007-2008:  Preparation: specification of requirements, preparation of technical descriptions as well as public procurement procedures;

Phase II – 2008 – 2011: Tower Modernisation: HMI specifications, installation of equipment (including A-SMGCS Level II), update of procedures and staff training;

Phase III – 2011 – 2012: Update of the TWR System – adding new functions, upgrading EAVA Simulator by adding ACEMAX functions.


The new Tower System and Surface Movement Guidance and Control System was put into operation at the beginning of 2011.