Participation in SHERPA consortium

In 2011 – 2013 EANS, as a SHERPA consortium* member, participated in SHERPA project, which was initiated by the EC; the project was headed by the European Satellite Service Provider.

Together with ANSPs of Poland, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and other states, EANS has participated in developing GNSS**  based Approach Procedures with Vertical Guidance*** (SBAS APV procedures) as well as in preparing PBN**** plan. Other stakeholders of Estonia also participated in SHERPA project: Estonian CAA, Tallinn Airport, and national flag carrier Estonian Air. The participation in the Project has brought EANS specialists the knowledge and skills required for designing procedures.

*SHERPA – Support ad-Hoc to Eastern Region with Pre-operational Actions on GNSS

**GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System

***SBAS APV – Approach Procedures with Vertical Guidance

****PBN – Performance-based Navigation