The Precision Area Navigation and Continuous Descent Approach (P-RNAV* and CDA**) procedures are based upon Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). The project on the implementation of these procedures in Tallinn TMA was run by EANS in cooperation with LFV Consulting AB (a Swedish Consultancy company).

The preparation activities of Phase I:

– general design of the airspace in Tallinn TMA;

– preparation of PANS/ OPS***  procedures;

– development of air traffic services and Continuous Descent Approach

– safety assessment and improvement;

– assessment of the environmental impact;

– Cost Benefit Analysis.

The second phase of the Project (the actual deployment of P-RNAV procedures) was carried out by EANS specialists. This phase included the update of aeronautical maps/charts, update/upgrade of TWR and ATM systems, training of air traffic controllers, publication of procedures etc.

P-RNAV and CDA procedures were successfully implemented in Tallinn TMA on 30 May 2013. It was followed by post-implementation monitoring during which feedback from operators and air traffic controllers was collected and, where necessary, changes to the procedures were made.

*P-RNAV – Precision Area Navigation

** CDA – Continuous Descend Approach

***PANS-OPS  procedures for air navigation services – aircraft operations