FIESTA – Feeder Sector Implementation in Estonian Airspace

After the implementation of Arrival Management System MAESTRO for controlling the flights arriving at Helsinki  Vantaa airport, the Finnish CAA initiated talks on the possibility to establish Initial Approach Fix (IAF) in Estonian Airspace. This Initial Approach Fix could be used by the traffic flying from Estonian airspace (Tallinn FIR) to Finnish airspace (Finland FIR and Helsinki Vantaa TMA).

In 2003, at the co-operation meeting in Ivalo, the parties agreed to undertake feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis of adding Feeder Sector in Estonian airspace.

The project activities started in 2004 and the Project got the name FIESTA – Feeder Sector Implementation in Estonian Airspace. The goal of the project was to create a dynamic, economically efficient airspace structure for provision of air traffic control services in the airspaces of Finland and Estonia. The Feeder sector brought benefits for both parties. It helped improve the airspace utilisation and the working methods. In addition to it, Feeder sector allowed to simplify working procedures in both airspaces and created conditions for air traffic growth in the future.

The project is divided into four different parts:

  • Part 1: Feasibility analysis 01/2005
  • Part 2: Implementation planning – 02/2005
  • Part 3: Operational transition – 03/2005
  • Part 4: Post-transition follow-up – 04/2005

The cooperation between the Finnish ANS Provider and EANS on the improvement of air navigation services is beneficial for airspace users and allows to enhance ATS OPS cooperation of both states.

Cooperation on the progress of the common airspace and MAESTRO System did not mean just operational cooperation but it also included harmonisation of technical systems, which allowed to provide services in a cost-efficient way.