FIESTA – Feeder Sector Implementation in the Estonian Airspace

After implementation of Arrival Management System MAESTRO for sequencing traffic inbound Helsinki airport, the  Finnish CAA initiated talks on the possibility to establish Initial Approach Fix (IAF) in Estonian Airspace for sequencing traffic flying via Tallinn FIR.

At the co-operation meeting in Ivalo in 2003 the parties agreed to undertake feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses of  IAF and Feeder Sector implementation.
The project work started in the year 2004 and the Project got the name FIESTA – Feeder Sector Implementation in the Estonian Airspace.

The goal of the project is to create a homogeneous, dynamic, cost-efficient and competitive airspace structure for provision of ATS between Finland and Estonia for the benefit of airspace users and to enhance working methods and procedures at Tallinn and Helsinki ATC Centers in order to ensure future development of ATC capacity.

The project is divided into four phases:

  • Phase 1: Feasibility phase/ Go/No-Go – 01/2005
  • Phase 2: Implementation planning – 2/2005
  • Phase 3: Operational Transferal – 6/2005
  • Phase 4: Post-implementation Monitoring – from 6/2005

Co-operation between the Finnish CAA and the Estonian ANS in Air Traffic Management field will benefit not only airspace users but also Service Providers. Co-operative airspace design and use of arrival management system presumes not only operational harmonization but also to some extend technical integration of the systems which will allow to provide services in a cost-efficient way.