Co-operation with Russia and Caucasian states

EANS has valuable experience in the implementation of international (e.g. ICAO) standards in Estonia and in the development of air navigation services system. EANS has  decided to share the experience with other aviation enterprises facing similar objectives.

In close cooperation with Swedavia, a Swedish consultancy company (now LFV Consulting), EANS started consultancy services to the air traffic control centres in the North West of Russia. We also had close cooperation with the Civil Aviation Authorities and ANS Providers of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The overall objective was to update the legislation in the aviation sector both in Russia and the Caucasian States in order to bring it in line with the respective international requirements. The final goal of the undertaking was to contribute to the establishment of safe and efficient aviation sector in the world.

The consultancy activities covered different aspects of air navigation services (i.e. air traffic control, aeronautical information, meteorological services, communication systems, search and rescue – ATC, AIS, MET, COM, SAR) and the work was done in several stages:

  • assessment of the existing systems;
  • verification of their compliance with the ICAO legislation;
  • preparing proposals on the changes required in development and training.

The idea of the EANS consultancy activities was to support the modernisation process in the aviation sector and to enhance performance efficiency in these regions both in legislation and in service provision.

EANS consulting activities were also fully supported by ICAO and IATA. It was a great challenge and an excellent opportunity to make such a significant contribution into the establishment and further development of international aviation infrastructure.