AMIE – the modernisation of aviation information and communication systems

It is a project in the frames of which some information and communication systems used in aviation have been modernised.

At the beginning of 1996 ECAA decided to develop supporting systems for aviation and announced tender for the consultancy company that could assist in creating specifications for the future system.
The French company Sofreavia won the tender and in close co-operation with its experts technical and operational specifications were developed. In 1998 a tender for the procurement of a new ATS system was announced. It was won by the French company Syseca SA.

  • 18 December 1998 – the contract for the system delivery was signed;
  • end of 1999 – Factory Acceptance Test was accomplished;
  • March 10, 2000 – the system was introduced into operation.

Project Description

AMIE consists of two different parts:

  1. AERMAC, or AFTN (Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network),
  2. ANAIS with its functions:
    – NOTAM processing,
    – SNOWTAM processing,
    – FPL filing and processing,
    – RPL processing,
    – Internet briefing,
    – Meteorology briefing,
    – IS and other supporting information monitor for air traffic controllers.

The new AFTN system has replaced the existing obsolete equipment, which was very difficult to maintain due to the absence of spare parts. The new station is fully automatic, human interference is needed only in emergencies, and many supporting functions will make the equipment really user-friendly.

The role of the Briefing Office as part of AIS within Estonian Air Navigation Services is very specific, since our state is rather small. In fact this office is a combination of ARO, NOTAM Office, Briefing Office, MET Briefing and AFTN Centre.

The major part of supporting information needed for pre-flight preparation is automatically processed by ANAIS. With the help of the system it is possible to observe and control all the processes and to prevent potential mistakes timely. This is another contribution to flight safety. ANAIS is very important particularly for the development of Estonian aviation and general aviation. The Briefing Office is situated on the headquarters of EANS in Mõigu. Here Internet briefing with all its options is available for the customers.