Human Resources


EANS has over 200 employees, air traffic controllers making more than one third of them. Engineers, aeronautical information officers and support staff are working side by side with the air traffic controllers. Our Company is growing, therefore, we wish to perform more and more efficiently, with due respect for the well-being of the employees. We wish to be prepared for changes in traffic flows, contribute more into Pan-European development projects and flight safety, at the same time ensureg adequate rest time with no overtime hours.

Family- and employee-friendly company
In autumn 2017 we applied for family- and employee-friendly company stamp awarded by the Ministry of Social Affairs. For EANS it is important that people could work in good working conditions, where their needs are taken into account. We have done a lot in this respect, and are planning to do much more in the future as well. The stamp allows us to demonstrate to those outside of the company that EANS is a great place to work.

Supporting staff development
We do our best to provide our employees with good environment in order to promote self-development and self-realisation. Appraisal and cooperation interviews are held regularly in order to improve the conditions for personal development. For job enrichment and  self-fulfilment our employees participate in different development projects – their number has been continuously growing. Staff participation in the development projects brings international experience and possibilities to contribute to the evolution of the aviation sector in Europe. We highly appreciate and support the employees who are interested in self-development and systematic improvement of their professional skills; we support monetarily staff achievements and promote the balance between work and family life.

Health promotion

  • we support gym-goers monetarily;
  • we have equipped a small fitness facility at our premises;
  • we promote healthy dieting through our “fruit days”;
  • our employees participate in team sport events;
  •  the Company partially compensates the massaging services provided at the EANS facilities;
  • once a year we organise Health Days, where we profoundly introduce some important health relating subjects.

Team building – Aimed at building a strong team spirit, we hold several events for entire Company, departments or for the families of the employees.
We value and recognise our most prominent colleagues. Every year the Company awards Gold and Silver Badges to the best employees; the title of the “Deed of the year” is awarded to the best teams, and the Congenial Co-worker title owners are elected by all the employees.

One of the goals of EANS staff-targeted activities is to recruit employees who have all the required personal features, experience, knowledges and who are ready for self-development and establishment of long-term mutually beneficial working relationship.

For many years we have been recruiting graduates from Estonian Aviation Academy (its Air Traffic Management Department) or sending potential candidates to foreign partners for basic ATM training. We consider such practices quite useful for procuring wider knowledge for the Company. The cooperation with foreign training centres broadens the knowledges of both air traffic controllers and instructors and it is a very good chance for practising the language.

We commit ourselves to promote the specific professions in the Company – e.g. air traffic controllers. With this in mind, we have created internet environment for it and provide regular and profound recruitment campaigns. Our own employees have been of great help in the job marketing.

On the one hand the low staff outflow in the Company is an indicator of employee appreciation and on the other hand, an indicator of the atmosphere of stability and trustworthiness, which is a prerequisite of staff dedication.