Guiding principles

According to our mission we are oriented towards: CUSTOMERS, QUALITY, PROFIT, ENVIRONMENT and, of course, our EMPLOYEES.  Our success is secured by the following principle: only a company that is globally thinking, rationally acting, continuously developing and highly appreciating  its employees can succeed tomorrow!

The ultimate goal of all EANS activities is provision of safe, high quality and competitive air navigation services that flexibly respond to customers’ expectations and requirements. EANS strategy sets up a major challenge for the near future: integration of the air traffic management and different supporting processes into a single comprehensive management system covering quality, safety, information, security, crisis, healthcare and environment management.

Achievement of such an objective is possible only through targeted and coordinated teamwork, which is reflected in our strategy:

  • continuous, consistent and thoroughly considered development activities at each level;
  • multilevel cooperation: regional – international; management of all activities in cooperation with other companies and organisations, in-house – harmonised management of activities in the Company;
  • establishment and retention of motivated and competent personnel, application of the management principles of valuing human resources;
  • ensuring modern air traffic control supporting technologies and ATM (Air Traffic Management) infrastructure meeting international requirements.

The relatively few in number EANS staff allows to create favourable conditions for the actual implementation of the principles of participatory democracy – every employee have an opportunity to make proposals on the improvement of the work organisation and, beside the main duties, to participate in different projects and undertakings  The optimal number of employees also enables continuous dialogue and direct feedback between employees and management. The effect of these factors is the establishment of a team, that feels needed and valued, is personally motivated to contribute to the achievement of common goals as well as to appreciate their work, colleagues, and work environment.

We have common values, which were agreed upon by both the management and the employees back in 2008 – they help achieve  common EANS goals in the most effective way.

Thanks to it EANS is well functioning, efficient and open to progress, which provides success in the long perspective and being a valued partner for both customers and employees.