SSIP implementation

In 1995 Estonia became a full member of the European Civil Aviation Conference ECAC and the state was obliged to bring the national ATM system in line with European Air Traffic Management principles. For achieving this target Estonia participates in the realisation of Convergence and Implementation Plan (CIP) coordinated by  EUROCONTROL. This action plan covers entire European air traffic management network and it is reviewed regularly in order to monitor the implementation status and progress. CIP document is prepared for the period of five years; it is updated annually.

In 2009 CIP document changed its name to Single Sky Implementation document – SSIP. There are two different formats of it: European Single Sky Implementation (ESSIP) and Local Single Sky Implementation (LSSIP).

The European document provides basic information needed by the States, Military Authorities and other aviation stakeholders to define and plan their own local implementation actions and to specify these in Local SSIP Documents.

The Local SSIP Documents set out national medium term plans and implementation activities required for the implementation of ESSIP objectives. As such, they reflect the intent of each national stakeholder to contribute to these plans and take agreed actions in achieving ATM Performance Targets.

Estonian LSSIP document version 2012 covers the following areas:

  • Airspace Organisation and Management (AOM)
  • Airports Operations (AOP)
  • air traffic control (ATC)
  • Communications & Spectrum Management (COM/SPC)
  • Environment (ENV)
  • Flow and Capacity Management Objectives (FCM)
  • Human Factors (HUM)
  • Interoperability (ITY)
  • Aeronautical Information Management (INF)
  • Navigation (NAV)
  • Safety Management (SAF)
  • Safety Regulation (SRC)

According to their regulation area the SES implementation objectives are divided into three groups, based upon their level:

  • ECAC or Pan-European – to be applied in all ECAC States within a specified common time scale
  • EU+ – to be applied in the Member States of the European Union , plus Norway and Switzerland
  • Harmonisation – an extra objective to be applied by Individual States or at ATC unit level where the State concerned chooses to apply the objective to meet its local ATM Performance Targets.

The four major national stakeholders appointed by the State to develop LSSIP objectives are: Estonian ANS, Estonian Civil Aviation Administration, Tallinn Airport and Estonian Air Force.