SESAR and IDP Programme

Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) programme was established with the aim to achieve the goals of the SES initiative – to bring the overall ATM System, as well as its technologies and procedures to a new level, in other words – to create a new generation management system.

In 2012 SESAR developments reached their implementation phase. Consortium Membership Agreement between Estonian ANS and  IDSG (Interim Deployment Steering Group) was signed in February 2012. Established on the FABs basis, the consortium shall timely coordinate and synchronise the implementation of „Interim Deployment Programme (IDP)“ development projects. IDSG activities will be terminated on 1 January 2015, when DM (Deployment Manager)  is established. DM Consortium represented by ANS Providers, airport service providers and airspace users is responsible for the implementation of „SESAR Deployment Programme (DP)”. The key element of the SESAR Deployment Manager is Common Projects Concept – it provides legal tools for DP funding by the European Commission.