Remote Tower – R-TWR

Remote TWR is a concept for aerodrome control service provision with the help of video-sensor based surveillance cameras; it means that it is not necessary for the working place of air traffic controllers to be located in the immediate vicinity of the aerodrome for which the services are being provided.

Such an approach enables controlling air traffic at several aerodromes simultaneously from one working position, ensuring high quality and safe services in a more cost-efficient manner.

A new project has been initiated in cooperation with Cybernetica AS; within its frames a prototype of Remote Tower is going to be developed, upon which different high technology solutions and their feasibility for everyday ATS operations will be tested.

After the prototype is ready, during the testing period the following aspects are to be examined:

– the ability of air traffic controllers to handle air traffic under normal conditions at Tartu aerodrome and in its vicinity;

– the ability of the system to improve air traffic controller’s situational awareness in poor visibility conditions (in fog, rain, darkness).

Provided that the results of the testing process are positive, the construction of the remote tower complex will be initiated. It is planned to provide air traffic services from the remote Tower at least at three local aerodromes of Estonia.