NewBridge project

The NewBridge Project kick-off meeting was held in September 2012. The goal of the Project is to trial time based movement co-ordination. In the Project Estonia is represented by Estonian ANS and Estonian Air.

The Project covers the following areas of activities:

  • WP1 Project management
  • WP2 Concept description
  • WP3 Functional baseline
  • WP4 System design
  • WP5 System build
  • WP6 Initial limited operations
  • WP7 Larger scale operations
  • WP8 System optimisation
  • WP9 Dissemination and publication

Estonian ANS participates in the following work packages:

  • Project description – target AMAN,
  • System design –operations, Initial limited operations – initial system activation and test,
  • Dissemination – workshop in Tallinn.


The project is planned to be completed at the beginning of 2014.