North-European Functional Airspace Block – NEFAB

NEFAB*, or North European Functional Airspace Block, is established with the aim to create a common Functional Airspace Block in cooperation between Norway, Finland, Estonia and Latvia; service provision to customers in the block is optimal, harmonised and meeting their expectations and needs.

Regional cooperation with NEFAB partners has an important role in the implementation of EANS strategy, including Pan-European initiatives and programmes.

NEFAB cooperation strategy for 2018-2022 has been recently updated and approved by NEFAB CEO Board – it is targeted on six key strategic objectives:
1. Improvement of airspace use
2. Improvement of ATS provision
3. Implementation of Single European Sky objectives
4. Assurance and enhancement of ATM safety
5. Systematic organisation, development and networking of the ATM domain
6. Cooperation with States.
NEFAB Business Plan (2018-2022), annual action plans and budgets are prepared on the basis of this Strategy. Their implementation is guided by NEFAB Management Board and organised by Programme Management Office (PMO). NEFAB ANSP employees are appointed or experts are outsourced for the execution of the projects.

NEFAB – North European Functional Airspace Block