Implementation of P-RNAV procedures in Tallinn TMA

In order to successfully implement P-RNAV and CDA procedures in Tallinn TMA, a respective agreement was signed on June, 27 2011, between Estonian ANS and LFV Consulting AB (a Swedish consulting company).

The first phase of the Project included the following activities:

– redesign of the Tallinn TMA airspace

– preparation of PANS/ OPS procedures;

– ATS and CDA procedures development;

– safety assessment;

– assessment of the environmental impact;

– CBA – Cost Benefit Analysis;

P-RNAV implementation is based on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). DMEs (Distance Measuring Equipment) may be installed later according to the upcoming needs, depending on the air traffic growth and other factors.

Although it was LFV responsibility to lead the project management (including establishing respective work group), the role of Estonian ANS in the project activities was very important. EANS supported LFV in redesigning airspace and procedures, performing simulation validation, in safety assessment and other activities. The EANS contribution was essential for smooth and successful progress of development activities.

The second phase of the Project (actual P-RNAV implementation) was managed by EANS and was solely EANS responsibility. The implementation phase included adjustment of approaches charts, changes to TWR and EUROCAT systems, staff training, procedures publication etc.

P-RNAV and CDA procedures were successfully implemented in Tallinn TMA on 30 May 2013. Currently post-implementation monitoring is provided. During the monitoring process feedback from aircraft operators and air traffic controllers will be received and appropriate adjustment will be done if it is required.