CPDLC Implementation

The activities within CPDLC (Controller-pilot data link communications) project, which was launched by EANS at the beginning of 2014, were temporarily suspended due to economic considerations and the EC Implementing Regulation 2015/310 (subject to EASA recommendations the deadline of CPDLC service implementation requirement is postponed by three years – the new deadline is 5 February 2018).

At the beginning of 2017 EANS decided to hire a consulting company for their assistance in CPDLC implementation (ATM System technical support, procedures required for air traffic control, their publication in AIP and ATCO training).

Agreements with both CPDLC service providers – SITA and ARINC – were concluded by October 2017

By the end of 2017 the technical capabilities were tested, ATS procedures were ready and training programmes for air traffic controllers were developed. ATCO training and LIVE tests are planned for the beginning of 2018.

The project has been coordinated with ECAA and it has been agreed upon the submission of the required documents.

*CPDLC – Controller-Pilot DataLlink