Borealis cooperation

Last year Borealis alliance of the ANS Providers of Northern countries focused on the establishment of free route airspace (FRA) to be based on NEFRA ideology and principles; the planned development activities of NEFRA phase 2 will become part of Borealis FRA project.

Free route airspaces of NEFAB and DK/SE will be added by FRA airspaces established on the basis of the areas of responsibility of Ireland/UK FAB and Isavia, ANSP of Iceland.

A special steering committee was established for managing the implementation of Borealis FRA Programme; it will provide overall management and steer ad-hoc groups, which will develop documents, model airspace and carry out simulations, prepare safety cases and deployment programmes.

FRA implementation in Borealis area is carried out in seven stages:

  1. Extension of FRA in Shannon CTA down to FL75;
  2. Extension of FRA for flights departing/arriving within Reykjavik FIR via Bodø or Norway FIR;
  3. Extension of FRA for flights departing/arriving within Reykjavik FIR via Scottish FIR;
  4. FRA implementation in seven Scottish FIR sectors;
  5. Implementation of FRA for flights transiting via Bodø, Norway and Scottish FIRs
  6. Full implementation of FRA in Scottish FIR and in parts of London FIR;
  7. Full implementation of FRA in London FIR.

Borealis FRA implementation is planned to be completed by 2021.

FRA implementation is funded both by own resources and by EC Innovation and Networks Executive Agency – INEA – through SESAR Deployment Manager – DM – facilitated by its support unit and a special web environment