ASM tool LARA implementation

The process of LARA* implementation started in year 2012, when the preparatory works for the implementation of FUA (Flexible Use of Airspace) Concept and the deployment of the respective system were initiated in Estonia. Comparing the parameters of the existing ASM systems against NEFAB** Target Concept requirements, the decision was in favour of EUROCONTROL LARA.

Other NEFAB states were of the same opinion, therefore, it was a common decision at the FAB level that all the four states would gradually implement LARA. For Estonia there was a temporary obstacle in the matter: LARA was available for EUROCONTROL members only. At the beginning of 2015 Estonia received full support  from EUROCONTROL for LARA implementation after becoming its full member.

Free Route Airspace and supporting it LARA system have a significant role in the Free Route Airspace (FRA) project of the Functional Airspace Block – they help a lot segregate civil and military operations in an optimal way in the planning phase, thus reducing  air traffic controllers’ workload, strengthen the information exchange between ATC centres and EUROCONTROL (as Network Manager) on the one hand and in the future with FAB our neighbouring states, Finnish and Latvian airspace management units, on the other.

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The project was financed by European Commission’s CEF fund in the frame of Call 2014