Civil-military cooperation: Development of Air Traffic Control services at Ämari Air Base

Ämari project on the development of air traffic control services at Ämari Air Base was initiated in 2014.  The goal of the project was to build up capacities for the provision of Tower and Approach control services, to develop airspace concept and respective cooperation procedures at Ämari Air Base.

The project covered the following activities:

  • Revision of entire airspace structure;
  • Establishment of Ämari Control zone (CTR);
  • Development of TWR and APP procedures for Ämari;
  • Service safety assessment;
  • Staff training.

EANS started providing Approach control services in Ämari CTR on 30.04.2015.

Within the frames of the project 3NM separation minimum was implemented in Tallinn TMA, which has noticeably improved the airspace capacity. Tallinn TMA sectorisation (ARR/DIR) was also implemented in order to reduce the workload at APP working positions that was caused by the activities within the Ämari project.