• Invoices for en-route navigation services will be forwarded by CRCO

    According to the membership agreement, together with joining EUROCONTROL in January 2015, Estonia undertook to use CRCO (Central Route Charges […]

  • Flight intensity in Estonian airspace keeps growing

    In 2016 206 563 flights passed through Estonian airspace, the growth of the air traffic was 3.1%. The air traffic growth […]

  • Air traffic controllers in Estonia will be able to work remotely via data link communications

    EANS, in cooperation with Cybernetica AS, is developing a new service, where air traffic controllers will receive the information required […]

  • Free Route Airspace expands into the North Atlantic

    On the 2nd of March the North-European Free Route Airspace expanded even more, when Bodø Oceanic FIR joined it, upon […]