First Just Culture workshop held at Prosecutor’s Office

Just Culture workshop took place at the Prosecutor’s Office on 18-19 January 2018; its participants were prosecutors, representatives of ECAA, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Nordica, Tallinn Airport and EANS. The workshop was initiated by EANS and coordinated by ECAA. It was provided by EUROCONTROL and experts of different organisations (IFATCA, European Cockpit Association, European Union Agency for Railways, Slovenia Senior State Prosecutor).
The main goal of the workshop was to introduce the principles of Just Culture to the prosecutors, to explain their importance in safety assurance and to provide an overview of Estonian Penal Code. In her presentation at the workshop, EANS Safety Manager Kaie Peerna introduced the structure of the EANS Safety Management System and the process of the implementation of the Just Culture principles.
The examples in the presentations provoked a live discussion and helped understand the principles. The goal of the workshop was achieved and EUROCONTROL highlighted the presence of the prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office, as well as from Northern, Western and Viru District Prosecutor’s Offices.
The goal of the workshop was to introduce the Just Culture principles, but EUROCONTROL has also developed and ad-hoc training course to ensure better knowledge of them – the participation of prosecutors in it is free. It is up to the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office on the participation itself as well as on the number of the prosecutors to attend the course.