EANS celebrated its 20th anniversary!

On 4 December (Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS-il (EANS) turned 20 years old.

Behind our successful achievements and the markable anniversary there have been lots of work and efforts, and we would like to thank our customers, cooperation partners and particularly our industrious staff, who all have made their contribution into establishing Estonian air traffic control and shaping up the Company as it currently is – successful, considerate and reliable! Therefore, good cooperation and professionalism have been crucial for EANS evolution, which in its own turn ensures safe and smooth advancement of air traffic in Estonian airspace.

May thanks to everyone for being with us on this hard way and trusting us. Let’s carry on together – we are Guides in Estonian Sky!

EANS was entered into the Commercial Register on 4 December 1997; according to the resolution of the Government, the Company was to commence its operations as a business entity from January 1998. Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS was established in lieu of Lennuliiklusteeninduse keskus (Air Navigation Agency) in 1997. At that time the number of controlled flights was 69 000, 47 000 of which were overflights, and the number of employees was 120. In 2017 the number of controlled flights was 220 000 and the number of employees – 200.