Invoices for en-route navigation services will be forwarded by CRCO

According to the membership agreement, together with joining EUROCONTROL in January 2015, Estonia undertook to use CRCO (Central Route Charges Office) services.

Airspace users (e.g. aircraft operators) flying in controlled airspaces and using air traffic control services there shall pay for the services rendered to them in these airspaces.

EUROCONTROL CRCO forwards invoices to airspace users for the services received by them on behalf of the EUROCONTROL member states.

CRCO calculates route charges based on the services of the member states, forwards invoices to airspace users and distributes the amounts collected to the States.

In essence it means that EANS will still be responsible for invoicing customers for terminal navigation services, whereas the invoices for en-route navigation services will be the responsibility of EUROCONTROL CRCO (on the basis of the data prepared by us) and EUROCONTROL will pay to us as an ANS provider for the provision of air traffic control services.

Beginning from autumn 2016 lots of work and testing  has been done by our specialists on the update of LATAS – the flight data processing and billing system in order for EANS to be ready to join CRCO systems.

Beginning from 01.04.2017 we will be forwarding the data concerning the en-route navigation services used by aircraft in Estonian airspace to CRCO.

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