EANS has won a special award!

The Ministry of the Environment organised competition Environment-Friendly Enterprise of the Year, where EANS won a special award for its Free Route Airspace project in the category of environmental action.

The main award was granted to Starship Technologies OÜ for developing the first robot courier service in the world and its placing on the market. OÜ Epokate and AS-i Estko were also recognised in the environment-friendly product or service category. The first one in 2016 developed resins for flooring solutions that do not contain 4-nonylphenol having dangerous affect on the human hormonal system. Beginning from 2016, AS Estko has been the first company having EU ecolabel for almost all product groups of cleaning detergents. Two monetary awards were also granted in this category – Nordic Botanical OÜ brings special botanic and ecology competencies of Tartu University into practical nature protection and landscape design. Its peculiarity is in far-going plans and programmes through organising nature conservations and harvesting rich seeds collections from natural meadows. The other monetary ward was granted to Fanner OÜ, for launching in May 2016 the first package-free grocery store Paljas Pala in Estonia and the Baltics. The store is in Pärnu.
For the first time in the history of the competition Environment-Friendly Enterprise, common people had their word in voting. The voting took place on Delfi portal for two weeks; the package-free grocery store Paljas Pala was an overwhelming winner.


Minister for the Environment Marko Pomerants and EANS Quality Manager Katy Pärn