EANS and LGS have commenced cooperation on the delivery of operator services

On 18 August 2016 LGS (Latvijas Gaisa Satiksme) commenced the delivery of AFTN/AMHS operator services for EANS. Now LGS remotely provides the services using the EANS Communication Centre servers. The service provider has a long-term competence in operating this system – it ensures efficiency in sharing manpower and high quality of services to both parties.

It was recognised that procurement of an AFTN/AMHS system similar to the ones used by our neighbouring ANSPs was the most optimal solution. It was decided on the delivery of outsourced operator services, and this solution, after some discussions, was found the best one.

Such cross-border cooperation is the first endeavour between NEFAB and Borealis members. With this step EANS is demonstrating a good example for other ANS Providers.