Beginning from January 2016 Estonian ANS introduces a new visual identity

In year 2016 Estonian ANS is changing its logo that is established in and in use since 1996 for a completely new, more integral identity.

The new brand name of Lennuliiklusteeninduse Aktsiaselts will become EANS, which is made of the initial letters of the English version of the Company name – Estonian Air Navigation Services. This approach to depicting the trademark was due to the fact the Company is operating mainly in the international market where the abbreviation ANS is widespread for denoting an Air Navigation Services Provider. So it is less ambiguous to our customers and partners (including those in local aviation) what it is and what means. The Company has been having this name in the homepage address and e-mail, therefore, the abbreviation EANS is not totally new for the Company and the partners.

The new logo consists of the English abbreviation of the company name EANS and aircraft condensation trail in the sky that is familiar to any person. The logo represents a smooth and safe overflight, departure and flight home.


Tanel Rautits, Chief Executive Officer, says: “When developing a new trademark we were based on our basic values but with a more novel approach: safety, teamwork, care and concern, reliability and innovation. In the symbol of continuity we remain true to the blue colour.”.

The new visual identity for Lennuliiklusteeninduse Aktsiaselts was developed by Velvet design agency – their design won the respective tender. The gradual transition to the new visual identity is planned to take place during 2016.

Tanel Rautits stated that the upgrade of the visual identity was based upon our desire to keep pace with time: “Our previous logo has been in use since the establishment of the Company. We would like our new visual identity to reflect international and innovative magnitude of the Company. With the new logo we would also like to make the trustworthy image of the Company even stronger.

Estonian ANS is a modern, rapidly developing company operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia. The sole owner of the company shares is the Republic of Estonia. The main activity is provision of air navigation services to local and international flights in Tallinn Flight Information Region. There are over 190 employees in the Company and it cooperates with more than 1000 different customers.