Prices for air navigation services from 2016

The prices for the air navigation services provided by us, the Estonian ANS (EANS) are going to be changed, beginning from 2016. These changes are in line with the EU Charging Scheme Regulation. We provide annual consultations on service prices with our customers – in the consultation on the national Performance Plan and Pricing Regulation held in 2015 the participants were representatives of IATA, Estonian CAA and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

The unit rate of the terminal and en-route navigation charges are going to be as follows:

  • Terminal navigation charge 2015: p=88.38€ is changed to 2016: p= 89.98respectively
  • En-route navigation charge 2015: p=31.10€ is changed to 2016: p= 30.69

We would like to emphasise here that already from November 2015 our customers can enjoy the cost saving opportunities of Free Route Operations in Tallinn Flight Information Region as part of North European Free Route Airspace (NEFRA). Read more here.

All queries, comments and proposals regarding the changes are welcome at the e-mail address eans(at) Thank you in advance as it helps us in contributing continuously into our fruitful cooperation.

The new price list is coming into force on 01.01.2016