Prices for air navigation services from 2015

Herewith, Estonian ANS (EANS) would like to inform you about the Air Navigation Service 2015 price formation. This price change is in compliance with EU charging scheme, NEFAB (North European Functional Airspace Block) Performance Plan for 2015-2019 and Estonia joining Eurocontrol from 01.01.2015.

The unit rate of the terminal and en-route navigation charges will change accordingly:

Terminal navigation charge   from p=93.67 (at 2014)          to p=88.38 at 2015

En-route navigation charge   from p=23.97 (at 2014)          to p=31.10 at 2015

Relatively high increase in en-route unit rate has mainly 3 drivers:

a)    Fulfilment of growing legal requirement, including datalink/CPDLC implementation;

b)    Replacement of already depreciated (and with zero amortization costs) equipment;

c)    Estonian Republic joining EUROCONTROL.

During 2014 we had consultations with stakeholders on NEFAB Performance Plan. The consultations brought together our local stakeholders as well as an IATA representative. The consultation was supported also by the representatives of NEFAB Council, Estonian CAA and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

As the NEFAB Performance Plan is not officially approved by European Commission jet there is still option for changes in prices for 2015. As European Commission has principally agreed on our performance plan we do not see any material changes in our price-list although it is possible.

Your questions, comments and proposals related are welcome at eans(at) that would be forwarded to NEFAB for consideration but we will also enable your direct communication with our specialists and management staff.

The new price list is coming into force on 01.01.2015