Estonia starts joining EUROCONTROL

On Thursday the Government approved initiation of the draft act which will allow Estonia to join the EUROCONTROL International Convention on Cooperation for the Safety of Air Navigation in Europe.

According to Urve Palo, Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, the accession will create an opportunity for Estonia to be involved in the work of important international civil aviation organisations and to be an equal international cooperation partner for other countries. „It is important for Estonia to have a vote in EUROCONTROL to protect our interests in European air traffic,“ said Palo.

With the accession, Estonia will gain better access to information, research in air navigation, technical support, training and audits.

Estonia will be the 41st Member State of EUROCONTROL after its accession. Estonia has currently contractual relationships with EUROCONTROL. The Draft Accession Act will be ratified by the Riigikogu. The planned date for the accession to come into force is 1 January 2015.