ANSPs fully support NEFAB

20th June 2012, in Oslo, Norway, the heads of the ANSPs of EANS (Estonia), Finavia (Finland), LGS (Latvia) and Avinor (Norway) signed the NEFAB ANSP Agreement.

With the signature of this agreement, the ANSPs of the four countries within the North European Functional Airspace Block (NEFAB) combine in carrying forwards the strategic decision of the formation of NEFAB.  This agreement lays out the working methods of the four ANSPs within NEFAB and forms the key structures which will enable the ANSPs to harmonize their activities.

The ANSP Agreement will contribute to the improvement of the individual ANSPs’ performance as well as the sustainability of the European aviation system, especially within North European airspace. This enhanced cooperation will form an effective way of contributing to the overall European network performance, thereby delivering substantial benefits to all airspace users. With the NEFAB ANSP Agreement, the four members collaborate and assist each other in the stepwise development of operational initiatives.

The Agreement is significant as it is representing the first real step in a long process of developing ANSP cooperation in Europe. It is giving us first time a possibility to really co-operate, to create and use a cross-border applications, to get some first benefits of shared activities.

/Tanel Rautits EANS Chairman of management board / CEO: ” For EANS there are many opportunities, and also many risks, the outcome really depends how seriously we tackle those tasks and how strongly we can stand behind a common vision”./

The formation of NEFAB requires the signature of agreements between the states of each country, the national safety authorities as well as the ANSPs. NEFAB will be formally established by 4th December 2012.

Raine Luojus of Finavia, Knut Skaar of Avinor, Tanel Rautits of EANS and Davids Taurins of LGS are proud to present the signed NEFAB ANSP agreement