New Tallinn Tower System

On the 10th of February Tallinn Tower commenced operations based on a new system.

The new system allows air traffic controllers (ATC) to observe all the traffic in their area of responsibility (both in the air and on the ground) and to detect potential conflicts, which Makes visual monitoring considerably better with the help of new sophisticated technical solutions.

Preparatory works for the new system started already in 2007, when a vast project was launched in Estonian ANS on the upgrade of the Tower operational equipment and working procedures, the goal of which was enhancement of Tallinn Tower capacity as well as significant improvement of the quality of the services provided.

On the 6th of November 2008 a contract was signed between Estonian ANS and AviBit data processing GmbH (Austria) on the modernisation of the Tower Air Traffic Management System and installation of surface movement surveillance systems at Tallinn aerodrome.

The Project covered the installation of the Digital (Electronic) Flight Strips System (EFSS – Diflis) and its supporting systems as well as the implementation of automatic data exchange between different systems located at Tallinn Airport. The system also includes a special information system (InfoMax) and AFTN terminal (AFTNMax). The Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS – AceMax) at Tallinn aerodrome integrates feeds from SMR (Surface Movement Radar), Mode S multilateration system (MLAT MSS-A) and provides automatic alerting and safety tools for controllers (Eurocontrol Level 2 Safety Nets). The new Tower System in Tallinn is currently one of the best integrated Tower ATM systems in Europe. The aforementioned system components are interrelated and the new system is able to exchange data with 15 different systems of the airport and other external facilities.

11 working positions are connected to the new system: 3 main controller working positions at the Tower, one at the APP unit, one at the Tallinn ATC Supervisor position, 5 working positions are at the Airport facilities and 2 working positions are established for training and playback purposes. There are 3 EFSS – Diflis working positions located at Estonian Aviation Academy ATC simulator in Tartu delivered as part of the new system.